The chain of science, technology, production and commercializing the products is in the process of being established. And this chain is very important. That is to say, we produce knowledge, turn it into technology, develop products, market the products through international trade and produce wealth for the country. This knowledge brings about wealth for the country and benefits all people. This is the way in which production of knowledge contributes to national wealth and addresses the needs of the people. 

Leader's speech at Imam Ridha's (a.s.) Shrine,


March.23. 2011




The issue of putting research and innovations into practice, as addressed by some of the youth in this meeting, is among the things that I am mainly concerned with. We may conduct research on a particular subject and may achieve fairly positive results, but altogether it may not bring about decisive effects on the country's long-term growth and progress. That is to say, it may not turn into national wealth. We must be able to turn science into national wealth. It requires considerable effort and careful arrangement. Along with these prerequisites, there is an important point which is included in the detailed plan for scientific progress: We must successfully complete the process of technological and scientific innovation. This process is indeed like a chain. Sometimes there is a broken link in this chain but out of it there may appear a high level of creation and as a result science can help us reach all our goals.

Leader’s Address to Young Elites



Of course, knowledge production that we spoke about should not be confused with article production. The statistics that are released and the articles that are published - the scientific articles that have become a reference point in the world and some of which are valuable - are good and valuable things, but this is not the whole issue. First, articles should lead to invention and second, they should address the domestic needs of the country. Both universities, and research and scientific centers should pursue and stress this.

Leader's Speech in Meeting with Participants of 8th Elite Youth Conference

Oct. 22. 2014



We should witness a complete scientific chain in all the universities of the country. There should be a great network of knowledge production in the real sense of the word, in all dimensions and in all the areas that we need. All of them should converge and complete one another. Our research centers, our universities and the other organizations that are related to scientific affairs should cooperate with one another.

Leader's Speech in Meeting with Participants of 8th Elite Youth Conference

Oct. 22. 2014



Science and technology is one of the pillars of a nation's economic power. A nation that enjoys advanced knowledge and technology will achieve wealth, political independence, honor and power. I am sensitive to the issue of scientific and technological progress because of the key role it plays.

Leader’s Speech at Imam Ridha’s (a.s.) Shrine



We should generate knowledge in all areas. Relations between countries in the area of knowledge should be like trade relations. That is to say, there should be a balance between imports and exports. In the area of economic and business affairs, it is not profitable for a country to import goods more than the amount it exports - it leads to a trade deficit. In the same way, it is not good for a country to import knowledge more than it contributes to collective human knowledge. Nothing is wrong with importing knowledge from abroad, but you should generate at least as much knowledge as you import. Knowledge should flow in and out of the country. 

Leader's Speech to Students and Academics of Kurdistan

·          Dec 10, 2009



If we manage to move things forward in scientific areas and adopt an economic outlook towards science - I will refer to this issue later on - then this will definitely be much more beneficial to us than selling our crude oil and other such things. In fact, one of the keys to solving economic problems is relying on science.

Leader's Speech in Meeting with President Rouhani and Cabinet Members

·           Sep 5, 2013



It is evident that a country cannot only rely on its own capabilities in scientific and technological areas. It should borrow from others as well, but this borrowing should not take place in the form of begging. It should take place on an equal footing. You should offer your scientific achievements to others and you should benefit from their scientific achievements. You should offer your technological achievements to other people and you should benefit from their technological achievements. In such circumstances, you will remain respectable in the world. This is what is necessary.

Leader’s Speech in Meeting with Participants of 7th Elite Youth Conference

·           Oct 16, 2013



First and foremost, the material progress of the country is based on two factors. The first factor is knowledge, and production is the second factor. Production will be thwarted in the absence of knowledge. A country can make progress only if it has access to knowledge. If knowledge is available, but production is not based on this knowledge, the country will make no progress… We must pursue knowledge and production in research centers through modern methods.

Leader's Speech to Exemplary Laborers

·           May 12, 2010



We were and still are under sanctions in these areas. In the present time too, the doors of important and up-to-date scientific centers - which work on advanced and modern sciences - are closed to Iranian scientists and students. But we have managed to make progress in the nuclear area and in the area of nanotechnology, stem cells, defense industries, airplanes and missiles- to the despair of the enemy. Why should we not be able to make progress in the area of economy?

We - who have made so many achievements on these scenes and in different arenas can make the economy blossom if we show determination and join hands. We should not pin our hopes on the enemy to see when he lifts sanctions and when he agrees to something. Damn the enemy! We should see what we ourselves can do.  


Leader’s Speech at the Shrine of Imam Ridha (a.s.)

·          Mar 25, 2014



We have said that we should promote the idea of building the Islamic Republic from the inside. We have said that knowledge should develop and spread. We have said that domestic production should be the essence of our work. We have said that we should adopt a serious outlook on the issue of optimism about the domestic capabilities of the country. We have said that talents should develop and blossom. These things are the essence of our work. When a country moves forward by relying on its domestic capabilities, its manpower, its knowledge, its faith and its unity, it will certainly achieve the desired results. 

Leader’s Speech in Meeting with Commanders of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps

·          Sep 26, 2013



The issue of science in the country is another link in the chain I explained. This link is related to the essential thing which we have been pursuing for 10, 12 years. Knowledge is power. According to a narration, anybody who has knowledge will be able to dominate those around him. That is to say, he will be able to pursue his goals. Anybody who fails to gain knowledge will be ruled. 

Leader’s Speech to Students

·         Aug 24, 2011




I will tell you that today, one of the basic and primary needs of the country is scientific progress. If we manage to continue making achievements in scientific arenas with the same rate of progress, many great problems will be solved in economic, political, social and international arenas. The issue of knowledge is very important.

Leader's Speech to Students

·          Sep 1, 2013



Today, sanctions are a tool in the hands of our enemies for humiliating our people. They use sanctions for exerting pressures on our national dignity and this is apart from the practical pressures which are related to living conditions. They will be counteracted by adopting a scientific outlook towards the issues of the country and by paying attention to science and to connecting science, industry and agriculture to one another.

Leader's Speech in Meeting with University Professors

·         Jul 2, 2014



Today the country is in need of a scientific jihad - of course science in general, not just experimental sciences… Jihad has a particular meaning. It does not just mean "effort". According to the Islamic conception, jihad is effort that is made against an enemy. Not any effort is jihad. Jihad against one's passions, jihad against Satan and jihad on a battlefield - all of these kinds of jihad involve an enemy. Today we need to make such efforts in the arena of science. If we feel that there are obstacles on our way, we should remove those obstacles. If we realize that we are faced with some hostilities, we should eliminate those hostilities. The owners of scientific facilities - namely, the countries that are scientifically advanced - are not willing to provide us with those facilities, so we should produce the scientific facilities we need inside the country.


Leader’s Speech to Academics

·         Sep 29, 2010


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