The Government will continue supporting new technologies and knowledge- based economy


Meeting of Supreme Cultural Revolution Council- Oct.20.2015




It is essential to take into account and prioritize the basic needs of the country and also, the competitive presence at scientific and technological arenas around the world to keep speeding up science and technology.


Meeting of Supreme Cultural Revolution Council- Oct.20.2015




Nano-sciences and technologies should be considered amongst the priorities for the country's growth and development process.


Meeting of Supreme Cultural Revolution Council- Oct.20.2015




We are gradually moving towards a universal family.


Jahan News- Sat, May.17.2015




President Rouhani declared that we recognize the right to connect with the Global Information Network (GIN) as the citizens' rights within our country.


Jahan News- Sat, May.17.2015





The fact is that we are going to move behind the resistive economy this year, and the development and resistive economy would not be possible without new technologies and above all,  IT and ICT.


Jahan News- Sat, May.17.2015




This technology works as a base for other technologies and researches. Today, it is necessary for a doctoral student to utilize new technologies.


Jahan News- Sat, May.17.2015







The Supreme Council of Cyberspace, the National Center for Cyberspace, and the  Department of Information and Communication Technology all are required to pave the way for the presence of knowledge-base companies in ICT. These are the youths and the private sector who should come into play and they are able to make a great change. 


Jahan News- Sat, May.17.2015




The presence of new technologies is essential in health, as well. Today, we need to bring the technology to contribute to health through which we have removed and will remove a burden from people, .    


Jahan News- Sat, May.17.2015




We need to work in such a new area, take advantage of the world's experience, and collaborate with others.


Meeting with knowledge-based companies




We welcome the incoming of new technologies to Iran.


Meeting with knowledge-based companies




Today, we require a strong determination for acquiring autonomy, as well as scientific and technological independence in a variety of fields, and proper communication with the world.    


Meeting with knowledge-based companies






I am pleased today we're not focused only on the university, science and class, but we're focused on generating science and research as well; I am pleased we're not focused on science, but we're focused on technology as well; I am pleased we're not focused on technology itself, but we're focused on the market and commercialization as well.


Meeting with knowledge-based companies





Science and technology, market and brand, and possessing the others' markets is such a true policy. We should conquer the regional and international market for Iranian products; here stands the national power.


Meeting with knowledge-based companies





Isfahan province is considered as an agricultural and industrial pole, as well as a new technological, scientific and cultural center for the country, and we should take advantage of the great talents exist.


IRIB News Agency- Nov.2015





When we make people active in the arena and deal with the new technologies and put them into use, we can make greate changes in development and prosperity of the country. 


Jame Jam Online




Science and university should be advantageous for the society, and the academics need to come into play with new technologies to the arena of economy.


Jame Jam Online



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