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Mission statement

New Technology Center of Isfahan Municipality

Relying upon wisdom and inclusive development of the new technologies, New Technology Center of Isfahan Municipality plays a critical role in science and technology cycle of the country, providing the required platforms and infrastructures to help the creation, commercialization and development of the advanced technologies around the country.

It also drives Isfahan towards a special regional metropolitan position as well as the highest rank amongst the cities with high global quality of life, and provides the means for dignity and pride of our beloved Islamic country. New Technology Center of Isfahan Municipality makes efforts to complement the science and industry cycle and provide the means for increasing the value added and releasing new technologies, either nationally or regionally, supporting the formation and development of knowledge- based companies, attracting the entrepreneurs, elites, private sector and academic investments. The center seeks to take measuresin providing appropriate training, information and consultancy services associated with the new technologies, improving and promoting the interactions and intersectoral collaborations, and increasing the production of the advanced technology-based products in accordance with the urban management requirements.

مرکز فناوری های نوین شهرداری اصفهان

The office of Vice Chancellor for Planning, Research & IT

Address: Ayatollah Tayeb St., Isfahan, Iran 

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