·        Coordination between all entities active in the field of technology around the region

·        Monitoring the development of science and technology within the region

·        Implementation of the rule of knowledge- based companies' protection on the basis of the assigned tasks and duties

·        Macro policy-making in technology and innovation with the help of other entities

·        Planning, directing and monitoring the operations of new technologies and strategic activities around the region

·        Planning, directing and monitoring the cooperation between Municipality and industry

·        Establishing headquarters for strategic technologies for convergence and synergy of the activities in Municipality realms

·        Identifying, planning, directing and monitoring technological projects of the Municipality

·        Taking advantage of the academic elites and intellectuals as well as the industry for technological planning of the Municipality

·        Development and release of the technology as well as financing the knowledge- based companies in the form of material and spiritual support

·        Investigating the solutions for technological development, including infrastructures, tools for technological developments and offering them to the related decision- makers in the Municipality

·        Evaluating the role of knowledge-based companies in improving the technologies and promoting ways to expand their activities within the region

·        Policy- making, planning and directing the provision of the required infrastructures, and developing such supportive entities for technology as the venture capital organizations and coordinating and organizing them

·        Supporting and guiding the knowledge- based companies settled in towns, parks and growth centers to perform activities related to the city, urban management and Isfahan Municipality

·        Encouraging and supporting the private sector in developing new knowledge, research and technologies with the aim of achieving new technologies and processes for production

·        Providing a road map and clarifying the current situation and the ideal condition of Isfahan in strategic technologies, and delivering them to the urban managers

·        Identifying and contributing to benefiting from special opportunities to develop new technologies within the region

·        Planning and organizing the distribution of the financial resources for developing new technologies within the region

·        Ranking and effective prioritization of the knowledge- based companies, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) active in technology and innovation fields, and supporting them with referring the affairs to them

·        Creating a permanent and swift mechanism for urban observation

·        Providing business opportunities associated with new technologies and introducing knowledge- based companies

·        Policy-making, leadership, and supporting the production, acquisition and localization of new and strategic technologies

·        Designing an efficient system for monitoring, evaluating and establishing comprehensive ranking systems, and ensuring the quality of scientific entities, technologies and innovations  with an emphasis on protecting the rights of the applicants and clarification as well as the boom in the supply and demand market


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