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Statement of Dr. Mehdi Jamalinejad, Mayor of Isfahan

Isfahan, as a pioneer city in new urban technologies for making the urban structures and infrastructures knowledge-based, has provided appropriate and innovative mechanisms for creating a smart and dynamic city.

Taking advantage of new and cutting-edge technologies, and welcoming the scientific achievements in utilization of clean energies has been resulted in reconciliation between the two elements of urban technologies in developing the infrastructures and preserving the authenticity and the historic identity of the cites. Developing the relations with the sister cities and other metropolitan cities around the world aiming at expanding and strengthening the political-cultural diplomacy, attempting and comprehensive planning on information and communications technology (ICT) in order to realize e-government, and finally, the realization of the smart utopia are among the most important measures and macro level plans adopted by Isfahan Municipality.

Hopefully, "1st Exhibition & Festival on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017)", relying upon the convergence, synergy, and expanding mutual cooperation, can turn the challenges and threats faced by the metropolises in the environmental and urbanization fields, into opportunities and also, provide and envision a future filled with health and prosperity for all Iranian citizens .   



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