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Statement of Dr. Rasoul Zargarpour, Governor General of Isfahan

The continuous changes in various social arenas, particularly the communications, economic dynamics, and new social-political approaches around the world, emergence of the new scientific ideas, creation of the advanced technologies in various fields, especially the new urban technologies resulted from the change in the form and content of the social processes and structures, are considered as the characteristic of the today’s world evident in every aspect of the current global community.   

The new technologies, as the key technologies and the basis of the sustainable growth, are among the most important achievements of the human beings in the current era, and the key to many problems faced by the human race in the third millennium. Today, the position of countries in relation to each other lies in their potential capabilities in the field of science and new technologies. Considering the importance and position of the new technologies in the future of the country, striving to realize the Supreme Leader's remarks, and support the domestic capabilities and the resistive economy are essential. Knowledge-based companies are the best manifestation and one of the most effective components of the resistive economy.


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