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Statement of Dr. Sorena Sattari, the Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology and member of the Policy-making Council for ICS 2017

During the recent years, sustainable urban development has gradually become an important subject in the current theoretical and scientific literature concerning urban development and planning; So that, it has highlighted the sustainability and continuity of the sustainable development of the sophisticated economic, industrial, social, and environmental aspects, and the like, across a city, and it has affected the human life. In addition, the necessity of adopting new approaches to urban planning fitting such developments has been created by the cognition and understanding of the changes brought about by development of the metropolises. In this regard, more attention needs to be paid to the role of the technology in urban planning taking into account the relationship between the sustainable development and utilization of new technologies; because in this way, providing new approaches, the urban planning can: firstly, provide appropriate solutions for the existing urban problems, and secondly, meet the needs arising from the changes in the current era considering the change in social, economic, and spatial structure of the metropolises, and the growing urbanization process. Therefore, the necessity of utilizing the new technologies which gives rise to reduced service delivery time, better service delivery, more equitable distribution of the facilities, reduced environmental pollution, increased employment, and improved sustainable urban management, can revolutionize the urban management.

Accordingly, rearranging its job description and activities in order to cultivate and promote the culture for its knowledge-based and resistive economy goals, utilizing the technological innovations and commercialization of the technologies, as well as stimulating the demands and providing a market for the knowledge-based products and strengthening the position of the private sector and the knowledge-based companies in the field of science and technology-based business, the Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology in the Government of Prudence and Hope has strived to pave the way for them to play a proper role, and boost the country’s transition process from the oil-based economy to the science and technology and knowledge-based economy.

Supporting the strategic technological and demand-based plans which are associated with promoting the domestic capabilities, production, self-sufficiency, and employment, the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology as a cross-government entity is seeking to realize the policies and plans based on the knowledge-based and resistive economy approach. Planning, identification,  approval, and commercialization of the urban management technological plans with a product-based approach on the basis of the strategic technologies with a priority, in order to meet the essential needs of the metropolises (such as, reducing the air pollution and urban traffic) through active involvement and presence of the private sector and the related entities is one the major plans the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has in the field of innovation and commercialization of technology. Certainly, this will be realized through culture promotion and participation as well as collaboration of other government-owned entities, municipalities, universities and scientific centers, knowledge-based companies, and the private sector.          



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